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Hemant Naphade Broker


Accomplishments by Hemant

Awards and Accomplishments:

square_bullet_green.gif Amongst the top 10 Real Estate Agent in Central Virginia  for the year 2014 and 2015 in Volume and Units.


square_bullet_green.gif Richmond Association of Realtors®(RAR) Outstanding Production Award  "RUBY" (Highest Award) for 2015.

square_bullet_green.gif Richmond Association of Realtors Outstanding Production Award "RUBY" (Highest Award) for 2014.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Outstanding Production Award  "RUBY" (Highest Award)  for 2013.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Outstanding Production  Award  "EMERALD" for 2012.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever Award  "EMERALD" for 2011.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "DIAMOND" for 2010.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "GOLD"  Award  for 2009. 

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "SILVER"  Award  for 2008.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "PLATINUM" Award for 2007.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever  "EMERALD" Award for 2006.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "RUBY"  (Highest Award)  for 2005. 

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever   "DIAMOND" Award for 2004.

square_bullet_green.gif RAR Distinguished Achiever "GOLD" Award for 2003.


10 Years RAR Distinguished Achiever Award (2003-2012)

Multi-million Dollar producer every year since becoming a Real Estate Agent.

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We’re out there working in and monitoring the real estate market daily. Stay informed with our local news and real estate blog.

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Contact Info
Hemant Naphade


Choice 1 Real Estate

5384 Twin Hickory Road
Glen allen  Virginia 23059

Cell: 804-248-2003 E-mail: Hemant@HemantSells.com Web: www.HemantSells.com

Success Stories
  • When I first met Hemant some four years ago, we were unsure as to the kind of a property we wanted. At first we viewed some properties rather casually, but then gradually narrowed our search to a particular area. Over the past year we became a little more aggressive in our search and Hemant was always behind us – non-intrusive and prodding us along providing all the information one needed. While I churned a lot of the numbers myself, it was always refreshing to see Hemant's point of view. I must say that he is really knowledgeable. Over the years I found Hemant to be one of those realtors who is less interested in his own monetary gain, but more in servicing his clients. There is no doubt that we were very positive with our experiences with Hemant. His perseverance, thoughtfulness and mindfulness really helped in progressing with the transaction. Hemant was also excellent in being a buffer between the sellers’ agent and us, who I must say was awful. Once we completed the purchase of the house, Hemant went beyond the call of duty to get things done for us. I can only speak of Hemant in superlatives. He is no longer my real estate agent, but more of a friend and an amigo.

    Gurpreet Dhillon
  • We have had a very positive home buying experience while working with Hemant. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Richmond real estate market and has a lot of happy customers in this area. One thing we liked about Hemant was that, he takes a genuine interest in understanding what the buyer wants and uses this information to find the right house. This saved a lot of time for us. Throughout the home buying process Hemant was very patient and helpful. He was always prompt in returning calls and spent a great deal of time with us explaining various things that we need to be aware of in order to make a decision. He was always open and honest and shared all the relevant information with us, even if that would sometimes result in us not moving forward with that house. Once we found the right house, Hemant helped us negotiate the right price and close the deal quickly. Hemant also has a good network of other service providers, which has saved us a lot of money on home-improvement projects. We will highly recommend Hemant to anyone looking to buy a house.

    Shailesh Inamdar
  • We have known Hemant for more than 10 years and consider him a very valued friend. Last year we asked him to assist us in selling our house in Wyndham and then also in purchasing of a new home. Hemant was very knowledgeable of the market and the competitive landscape. He provided valuable insight as we negotiated our terms and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism all the way to closing both the deals. I would not hesitate to recommend Hemant to anyone for their home buying or selling needs. Thanks Hemant for your help.

    Govind Pande
  • As first time home buyers we were looking for someone with serious knowledge of the area and the process. Hemant was awesome and didn't mind our millions of questions. He was always readily available and willing to work our schedule. The process was relaxed with him and you can tell he really enjoys his job. We got a house we love and couldn't have asked for a better Realtor and team. We would definitely recommend him to anyone whether you're a first time home buyer, looking to sell, or have home buying experience.

    Deepak Arora
  • There are many reviews here to attest to Hemant’s knowledge and skills as a real estate agent. They accurately reflect our experience buying our first home with Hemant- he is an expert on home buying and selling, he will educate you on home ownership, he has a great network of experts you will need during and after home buying, demonstrates high standards of integrity, and so forth. Two years after we have settled into our first home, he is still our go-to person on things related to home ownership and home improvement. We were (still are) novices when we started our search with Hemant. He would point out pluses and minuses that we often missed, especially the minuses. At no point did we feel pressured to make a decision on a home. To the contrary, there were instances when he kept us from making offers on several houses with major issues/problems that we clearly missed. He is definitely a great contact to have all things related to home buying, and it was a pleasure working with him throughout the daunting process of home buying.

    Divya Varier
  • Murty and I would like to personally thank Hemant Naphade (Choice One Real Estate )for helping us find our dream Home and We are really enjoing every moment of it... Your excellent service, frequent communication, professionalism and dependability, made the process so much easier for us amd we understood that we had selected the right Realtor. We were so pleased that every phone call to answer our... questions was returned so quickly! Sorry for my silly doubts and Hemant answered all my questions patiently. Your attention to detail as well as your knowledge of the current market assisted us in understandingwhat we need to look while buying a house. You went above and beyond and we would certainly recommend your services to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home. Thank you very much again !!!!

    Vrunda Nadgouda
  • Hemant helped us buy our home recently and did a fabulous job. Hemant’s knowledge and experience around homes, the housing market and the various stages of the home buying process was impressive and ended up helping us immensely. Hemant was also outstanding when it came to understanding exactly what kind of home we were looking for. Hemant had developed a very good understanding of our preferences. He has good idea of housing market rates. When the right home did come on the market eventually, Hemant responded quickly. There was significant competition for this home. I would recommend him wholeheartedly and without hesitation to my friends. Thanks, Nadh

    Nadh Jilakara
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